Adding Yeast to a Septic Tank It is important to maintain your septic tank. Routine pumpings are essential to ensuring smooth operation. Obtaining an inspection with each pump is advised as well. Keeping an eye on the drain field will help ensure septic system health. But what can you do in the meantime? Most people don’t know that simply adding yeast to their tank can improve its health and performance. It’s also a green way to upkeep your system!

How to add yeast to your septic tank

Here’s what you do: go to the store and buy active dry yeast. You can find this in any grocery store. You have some options. It can be bought in individually packaged strips or you can purchase a large container. However, if you are just trying this out, you may want to start with the strips! Pour one packet down the toilet nearest where your tank is located. If you are buying a large container, measure out 1/4 ounce and flush that down.

What does the yeast do?

Yeast will activate enzymes and promote bacteria growth. You may be thinking, “Isn’t bacteria bad?” That is a common misconception. So certain bacteria are actually good for your system! It helps to eat away at the material that is going into your tank. While there are special enzymes you can buy for the septic tank, you may want to try this as a greener alternative. If you like the results of this method, repeat this simple step once per month.

Get Your Septic Professionally Maintained

While adding yeast is a great thing to do, sometimes hiring a professional is needed. We have regular maintenance scheduling available. Is your septic system backing up? Our septic technicians are standing by 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year! Whatever your need, we are here for you. Your septic health is our first priority! Give Express Septic & Drain Cleaning a call.

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