There are a lot of different aspects of a septic system. You should have a basic understanding of them if you own a home with a septic tank. Knowing how your system works will help you make sure it is functioning properly. A vital part of this system are the baffles. But what is a baffle? Don’t let it baffle you. We will take a closer look.

Inlet baffles play a key part of your septic system’s process. Basically, they help to slow down the incoming sewage so it doesn’t come into your tank with too much force. The baffles will direct the sewage down at a right angle. This helps slow the flow so separation can occur. The baffle also helps to make sure that the floating grease and “scum” do not block the inlet or outlet pipes.

Outlet baffles have just as important a part to play. They help to make sure that no solids are leaving the tank. It is important that solids stay behind when the effluent is sent to your drain field. These materials could carry harmful pathogens. The purpose of your tank is to separate the harmful materials. The effluent can then safely be reintroduced to the groundwater. The baffle helps make this possible.

When you have your tank pumped for maintenance, make sure you are getting a septic inspection report with it. During this inspection, a technician will make sure your baffles are in place. They will also inspect them for damage. They will make sure they are working properly. The technician will usually provide you with a bid to repair the baffles if they are not.

Express Septic Pumping includes a free inspection with every service. The safety of your household is our first priority. Our fully certified technicians will perform a thorough evaluation to make sure your tank is performing at its best. Call us today.

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