What we’re going to talk about is a bit indelicate but it’s something we all have to face up to once in a while. What do you do when your septic system has a digestion problem? Why, the answer of course is enzyme treatment from Express Septic & Drain Cleaning in Star, ID! Septic tank enzymes don’t replace the need for pumping periodically. However, they can extend the life of your septic tank itself. Perhaps more importantly, they reduce your septic pumping cost. The EPA recommends that homeowners get their tanks pumped every three to five years. The enzyme treatment we use keeps your septic system in good working order between pumpings. So, partner with Express Septic & Drain Cleaning to keep your septic tank regular.

At Express Septic & Drain Cleaning, we’re familiar with all neighborhoods in Star, and the surrounding communities. If you have an ailing septic system or feel that you have to pump your tank way too often, we can help!