Business owners must follow certain laws and guidelines. This is especially true for businesses that produce food. Boise alone maintains 600 miles of wastewater pipe and delivers over 20 million gallons of raw sewage per day to its wastewater treatment facilities. Imagine the number for the entire Treasure Valley! Improper handing of waste like grease and fats can affect this system greatly. This is why it is very important to comply with grease trap guidelines.

Fats, oils, and grease (or FOG) can negatively impact a city’s sewer system. This is not just a nuisance. In fact, it can be dangerous to the public. Clogged sewer pipes can cause sewage spills, backups in homes, or manhole overflows. Basically, raw sewage contains many types of harmful bacteria and pathogens. So improper handling can lead to serious health concerns.

Certain types of businesses must have grease traps or interceptors. This is to avoid FOG issues. So, a grease trap is a small fixture that connects to a sink or other kitchen fixture. Baffles slow down the water. So, this makes it possible for the grease to separate and rise to the surface. Employees must clean out manual models. Electro-mechanical models are self cleaning. A city official will inspect both models regularly. This is to ensure they are functioning properly.

Grease interceptors are buried vaults. They are akin to septic tanks. The interceptor works in much the same way as the trap. The fixture slows down the water. Again, this is so it can cool enough for the grease to separate from the wastewater. The grease is then trapped. This prevents the grease from entering the wastewater system. This will help reduce public safety hazards due to FOG.

The most common time frame for cleaning and maintenance for these fixtures is every 2-3 months. However, a city official may require more or recommend less. This is dependent on your average output of FOG. If you have an interceptor, make sure that you are hiring an experienced professional to perform your maintenance for you. Be certain to keep a record of when your fixture is serviced. This is in case you need to confirm maintenance with an official.

Express Septic Pumping is here to help you keep your grease trap up to code. We can even get you on a recurring maintenance schedule. That way, you never have to worry about remembering to schedule your pump. Contact us today!

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