If you’re looking for help with hydro jet drain cleaning in Caldwell, ID, you need the expertise of the team here at Express Septic & Drain Cleaning. We have been offering our services throughout the area for years, helping residents to get the best from their drainage systems and plumbing. We can also assist with septic tank cleaning, helping to keep your tank working perfectly and the sensitive balance of your tank in check.

Whether you need help with your septic tank or you require hydro jet plumbing, you can depend on us for the best service possible at all times. We offer our services 24/7 which is good to know when a drain problem occurs outside of normal office hours. We’ll get one of our plumbers to you fast to get to work on your drain blockage. Our jets are super-powerful and able to reach deep into your drains to clean blockages fast. Simply call us today to arrange an appointment.