Plumbing and sewer systems are not a very attractive feature in your home. That’s why it’s nice you can’t see these systems. However, that makes detecting plumbing problems harder because you simply can’t see what’s wrong. A good way to see what exactly is going on in your pipes. Is to get a video inspection through your lines.

When a plumber runs a camera through your line he starts off by inserting a long cable into your plumbing system. So at the end of this cable is a camera, which moves through the system on a pair of motorized wheels. The camera records images of the inside of the pipe, and transmits them back to the plumber controlling it. This is such a popular method when it comes to finding leaks or cracks because it allows the plumber to find the problem without having to tear up your yard or home, it also leaves your plumbing system completely intact when finished.

Plumbing problems can sneak up on you without any warning or sign that anything is wrong. It is best that you make video inspections an annual expense that you mark off your check list. Even it there is nothing to be found you can rest easily know that everything is ok down under.

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