Septic tank inspections are a great way for both technicians and owners to know what condition their septic tank is in. Here at Express Septic Pumping, we do a septic tank inspection with every pump we do. We think it is super important to keep our customers updated on the condition of their property and to be able to help them if something does come up to be damaged.

    Express Septic Truck

    With our septic tank inspections, we check the water level, the inlet and outlet baffle, the run-back, and the mainline to ensure it is clear and not blocked or damaged. Our technicians can complete the inspection right there on the spot and email it to you directly!

    Truck pumping
    Well productivity tests are one of the things we specialize in! If you need a well productivity test then we are definitely the company you need to call. Our technician can fill out the form right then and there and get additional tests done with ease. When we do a well productivity test we check: static head level, active head level, flow rate, and PSI.