As a society, we’ve become a bit jaded about our plumbing system. What with modern technology, people seem to assume that we’ve reached a point where flushing anything could be acceptable. Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are countless cases every year of items flushed that cause backups and even burst pipes. But medications should be okay, since they are so small and will dissolve in water, right? Wrong! The correct answer is that NOTHING should go into your drain besides toilet paper and wastewater. Flushing medications could have a dire impact on your system.

Think of your septic system not as an object, but as a living environment. Your system is full of bacteria who only exist to break down human waste. Introducing foreign chemicals such as antibiotics, anti-inflammitories, or antivirals to your tank could cause an imbalance in the delicate ecosystem. This could weaken or even kill the bacteria in the tank. This will cause waste to build up much faster. It could eventually lead to issues with your drain field. Not to mention you could also be contaminating groundwater.

Even the most vigilant homeowner could have something enter the tank by accident. Some material may even make it through with the wastewater. This is due to the fact that medications are not always fully broken down by the body. So, there are a few things you can do to prevent damage. You can consider adding an effluent screen to your tank. This will help to prevent material from entering the drain field. Also, if you have a resident in your home enduring long term treatment, consider shortening the time between regularly scheduled maintenance pumps. When the tank is pumped, have the technician fill the tank with clean water to help dilute any lingering residue. Always make sure you have an inspection included with your pump.

You are probably wondering how to dispose of medications if flushing them is not an option. You should check with your local government about proper disposal options. There are often safe drop sites you can bring your leftover or expired medicines to. Some areas may have designated hazardous waste disposal days.

Here at Express Septic Pumping, the health of your system is our main priority. Give us a call today if you are concerned about your septic health. All septic pumps include a free inspection!

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