We have had an exceptionally wet season here in the Treasure Valley. With flash flood warnings and seemingly random bursts of heavy rain, we’re all ready to dry out for a while. The excessive rain can be especially frustrating if you are a business owner. There have been countless cases of parking lots flooding. This can be extremely inconvenient for your customers, as it seems they have to wade through water just to get through your doors!

This is why parking lot drains are important. They help to drain away all of that excess water. Unfortunately, sometimes rain water isn’t all that is being washed down. Mud, rocks, and other debris may find their way down. That is why parking lot drain maintenance is so important. A properly maintained drain is less likely to allow your lot to become flooded.

It is recommended to pump your parking lot drains once per year for maintenance. This will help to clear out any debris that may have accumulated. That way, your drain will continue to function properly. However, when there is excessive rainfall or melting snow pack, even a well maintained drain will become overwhelmed! Don’t panic! A licensed pump company can come out to pump out the excess water.

Depending on the amount of overflow water, there are two options for you. A technician may come out with a smaller, portable pump. This pump is made to pump out and divert the water a different direction or to a different drain. However, f

or larger jobs, you may need a larger pump! In this case, a company may send out their large pump truck. So the technician will pump out the water and take it to a designated area to dump it out.

Whatever your need, Express Septic & Drain Cleaning is here for you. We know how frustrating a flooded parking lot can be to a business. We’re available 24/7 to make sure that your lot is accessible. Give us a call today!

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