Prevent septic Disasters. If you have a septic tank and or pump chamber. Do not wait for that day when everything smells bad or backs up! While this sounds like a bad pun, don’t wait or you could have that awful moment. Save money with a septic inspection.

Septic system backups can and do happen. And when they do they create unhealthy and very unpleasant smelling and conditions inside and outside of the house. If you have a septic system, maintenance inspections or pumping should be a very high priority. It can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for the repair or replacement of a septic system. Even more if you have to pay to clean up. Or even repair the house and yard from damage caused by a septic backup!

Periodic inspections and or pumping are essential. Recommend inspection schedules are dependent on type of system, tank size, number of people in the household and the amount of water going into the system and other house hold habits. Express Septic Pumping can help you locate your tank in the ground and help determine the size and frequency of service that may be needed.

Toilet flushing accounts for the largest percentage of waste water used in most homes. If you live in an older style home with original “older” fixtures, you likely use 3 to 5 gallons (or more) of water per flush, but newer toilet designs decrease the water needed per flush to approximately 1.5 or so gallons. You can have inserts placed into the toilet tank so less water is needed per flush.

Inspections can save you money in costly repairs or replacement. Express Septic Pumping can inspect the valves, drain field, tank inlet and outlets and the general condition of your tank to catch problems before they become a costly repair. Avoid that expensive septic system failure!

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