If you are on a septic system at your home, diligent maintenance is a must. The septic system is a delicate ecosystem that could cause some unpleasant and costly damages if not properly maintained. Septic filters are in place to filter the wastewater before it enters the drain field. Basically, this will keep solid material from entering the drain field and extend the “life” of the area.

The septic filter fits into the “t” outlet of the tank. A bacterial bio-mass will form in the filter over time. A small mass buildup will improve the quality of the effluent leaving the tank. However, excessive bio-mass could clog the filter. So, it is important to perform regular maintenance on the septic filter to keep it functioning properly. Fortunately, the average filter only needs to be cleaned as often as the tank needs to be pumped.

So, how can you tell if your filter needs attention? If you are noticing that your drains are draining slowly or there is wastewater overflowing the relief gully, chances are your septic filter needs cleaning. The need to clean the filter will vary from household to household. Household size, tank size, and even dietary habits of residents can all factor in. So, be aware of how your tank is performing. This will help ensure that the filter can perform its task effectively.

Also, you should have the filter cleaned by a professional who has experience with septic filters. This type of wastewater is known to technicians in the trade. They are familiar with the necessary precautions. Remember that wastewater has a high bacterial and viral load. Improper handling can be hazardous to your health. Always make sure that children and animals are kept well away when this type of work is being done.

Need your filter cleaned or replaced? Give us a call! Express Septic Pumping has technicians available to help keep your tank and septic filter properly maintained.

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