Since 2006, Express Septic & Drain Cleaning has provided septic pumping for customers in Nampa, ID. We make it easy for homeowners to resolve issues related to a full tank. Our technicians are familiar with septic systems throughout Treasure Valley, and we understand the importance of prompt assistance when it comes to septic pumping services.

Sludge removed from your tank contains both solid and liquid contents, composed of organic and inorganic waste material from your home. During septic pumping, we take out everything in the tank that can cause blockage or clogging. We understand that people forget to schedule septic tank care and maintenance. Unfortunately, that can cause problems with sewer backup, foul odors, and landscape damage. Fortunately, our efficient team performs the job quickly and efficiently so that you can use your plumbing as usual.

We also offer septic pumping services in:

front view of septic tank