Do you need sewer repair in Nampa, ID? Is your plumbing showing signs of a problem? We offer sewer repair in Nampa that will solve the problem fast and get your plumbing system back on track. Sewers can become blocked for a number of reasons.

Common culprits such as food waste and grease can build up over time. Other items that find their way into your drains, such as diapers and other sanitary products, can also cause a clog. Our sewer service is just a phone call away.

We’ll get to you fast to take care of the problem and get your drains flowing clean and clear once more. We use special camera equipment that shows us exactly what is happening deep underground.

From there, we can decide on the best approach to clearing the problem. We’re pleased to say that the majority of sewer problems can be cleared in under an hour. Call us now to arrange a convenient appointment.