You may have heard of a pump station. Sometimes, they are called “lift stations”. But what are they? There are a few different types. There are pump stations designed for canal systems and land drainage. Sewage systems also use pump stations. Let’s take a look at each one’s function.

Canal Systems
In areas with canal systems, pump stations are vital to ensure the system continues to function properly. Water is lost each time a vessel passes through a canal. The water goes from the upper part of the system to the lower because of how the canal locks work. To keep the canals navigable, the water will have to be replaced somehow. If there is no stream or river to divert into the canal, a lift station is very useful. These can pump water from an existing source to help resupply the canal.

Land Drainage
Pump stations are useful for land drainage as well. This is especially true for areas below sea level. Above sea level, digging drainage ditches may prove sufficient. However, below sea level there must be a method for pumping the water high enough to enter channels that will eventually drain naturally. Pump stations are put in place to accomplish this feat.

Sewage Disposal
Pump stations designed for sewage are made for wastewater that is fed through underground gravity pipelines. Liquid will flow in one direction under gravity. This flows into what is known as a “wet well”. This is basically an underground pit. The well will be equipped with a sensor. This detects the level of sewage in the pit. When the pit reaches its “full” point, the pump will start to “lift” the sewage. Hence the nickname “lift station”. Sometimes, the sewage is lifted by the pump station to a treatment plant. In some cases, it is a holding tank. So, holding tanks need to be pumped. A licensed professional must haul the wastewater away.

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