Even if you have had a septic system for years, you may still be fuzzy on how they operate. That’s okay! That is why there are trained professionals available to help you service your system. One very important part of septic systems are drain fields. They are basically subsurface water treatment plants. They remove impurities from the effluent from your tank. The wastewater will then percolate downward and eventually will enter a groundwater aquifer.

However, all of this happens underground. You might not even know where your drain field is! It is important that you find out. The drain field is an important part of any septic system and it is vital to maintain it properly. If you aren’t sure where your drain field is, you should hire a professional to find it for you. Here are a few pointers to help ensure the safety of your drain field.

Just because it looks like a nice, open space doesn’t mean you should fill it up. The perfect cover for your drain field is simply grass. This can be as ornamental as you like. Shrubs and trees are recommended to be planted at least 30 feet away. Tree and shrub roots tend to seek out as much water as they can find. The roots could end up invading and damaging your drain field over time. You should also keep in mind that this is a waste water treatment installment. This is not a good place to plant a vegetable garden. Another good reason to avoid too much agricultural or decorative planting is that you may have to dig up the tank to have it serviced at some point.

You should also avoid putting too much weight on the drain field. This is not a good place for livestock to graze. The soil could become compacted. This will affect the soil’s ability to exchange oxygen. You should avoid building any type of platform or parking area over the drain field. The weight could not only compact the soil, but also damage the pipes and cause you costly damages.

The best way to cover your drain field is to treat it like an open meadow. Don’t strain it with too much weight or landscaping. Remember, a happy system means a happy house! If it’s time to have your tank serviced, call Express Septic Pumping. Each service includes a free inspection so that you can be confident of your septic system health!

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