Keep Your Septic System Safe from Failure

Prevention is the best cure when it comes to septic tank troubles. Regular inspections will identify any potential issues in your septic system. There are multiple moving parts to a septic system, and if one fails, the failure will set off a domino effect of hassle and expense in repair and or replacement elements in the septic tank.

Chemical additives that claim to be septic tank safe are not recommended and can harm the balance of enzymes and biological additives that are active in wastewater treatment.

Another stressor on septic systems is a garbage disposal. Compost-type materials, plus cooking oils and grease from foods, will flow through pipes and can cause compaction, clogging, and backflow problems.

Benefits of Adding Yeast to Your Septic Tank

front of septic truck
Water softeners can also cause stress by flushing large quantities of water into the tank at one time. Which could end up in the drain field.

Restoring the system is one aspect, but there are other, unseen dangers to a failed septic system. Improperly treated wastewater can leech into the soil or groundwater, and that’s where serious health hazards begin. Bacteria from waste can cause dysentery, typhoid fever, and hepatitis. Plus, a failed septic system smells horrendous.

Septic system owners should be aware of what goes down the drains and pipes. Baby wipes are the enemy of septic systems – just so you know.

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