Significant rainfall can quickly flood the ground in a drain field, leaving the soil saturated. Ground flooding can affect the way your septic tank releases wastewater. It results in water backups, raising the septic tank levels. This situation can damage your tank and cause wastewater to flow into your garden. When rainfall gets heavy, your septic tank may experience several issues.

Slow Drains

A common sign of a disrupted septic system due to heavy rain is slow drains when too much rain saturates the soil around the drain field. Your septic tank becomes filled with wastewater to the top and fails to drain into the absorption area. Instead, it’s retained in the outlet pipe. Consequently, toilets and sinks take longer to drain, causing frustration and inconvenience in your home or business. Slow drains during heavy rains require regular septic system maintenance by a professional.


Heavy rain can cause sewage backups, which are both hazardous and messy. When the drain field gets flooded, the excess water has nowhere else to flow but back into the septic system. This results in sewage backing up into your sinks, toilets, and other drains on your property. This poses a health concern, in addition to damaging your walls, flooring, and personal belongings.

Nasty Odors

Nasty odors create an unpleasant environment in your home or business. Heavy downpours can cause your septic tank to overflow. When this happens, it releases foul-smelling gases into the air. These gases permeate your property, leading to discomfort. You should hire a professional septic and drain cleaning provider to pump the excess water and relieve the gases.

Strange Noises From Your Plumbing System

Heavy rain can also lead to gurgling sounds within your drainage systems. For instance, when you flush the toilet, you may hear sounds like an upset stomach. Water doesn’t flow freely within the pipes as it should, causing turbulence and air pockets. This can lead to the production of bubbling noises when using sinks and toilets. You should hire a professional when you notice strange noises in your plumbing system. The rainwater may be overloading your septic tank, causing intense pressure that can cause further problems. An expert will address the issue and restore your drainage to normal functionality.


When it rains heavily, your septic system may experience clogging. Downpours can wash silt, debris, and other materials into the drain field and septic tank. The debris deposits within the system can cause blockage of pipes and inhibit the system’s proper functionality. To prevent clogging resulting from heavy rain, seek professional services.

Drain Field Failure

Drain field failure is one of the most severe consequences of heavy rain on your septic system. The soil around your drain field absorbs too much water, leading to the failure of the system’s primary component. When the drain field loses its functionality, sewage resurfaces on the property. This is hazardous to your health and should be highly avoided. Regular inspections by an expert will ensure that drain field saturation is addressed early enough, ensuring the minimal impact of heavy rains on your septic system.

Damage to Tank Components

The septic tank itself also risks damage when there’s too much rain. When too much water gets into the tank, it causes intense pressure on the walls. This pressure may lead to cracks, leaks, or even structural failure. When you hire an expert, they’ll conduct regular inspections and detect any signs of damage to your septic tank.

How to Choose the Right Company for Septic System Services

When you need a new septic tank or cleaning services for your existing one, you must hire a professional who guarantees quality work and professional insights to help optimize the functionality of your system. Consider these factors when selecting a septic tank company.


Before choosing a company, you must find out how they treat their clients and how they provide their services. One way to determine a company’s reputation is by looking at its customer reviews online. Customer reviews allow you to gauge clients’ satisfaction levels with a company. From those reviews, you can gauge what to expect. If possible, talk to some of your neighbors and ask about their service providers.


A company that has provided septic tank services for years has knowledgeable staff with competent skills and experience. Instead of selecting a new company, an older one with more industry experience is suitable. It would be best to consider technicians who have worked with the company for a long time. Consider looking at a company’s portfolio to get an overview of its previous accomplishments. A company that fails to present its portfolio or doesn’t reassure you of its capability to handle your needs should be avoided. Talk to the people in charge and inform them of your expectations.

Comprehensive Services

Choosing a septic tank provider offering comprehensive services for all your septic system requirements is essential. These services include regular maintenance, septic tank installation, inspections, pumping, and repairs. A service provider with end-to-end solutions can save money, time, and the hassle of seeking services from multiple companies. At Express Septic & Drain Cleaning, we offer professional drain cleaning, septic repair, inspections and tests, and preventative maintenance services within Nampa, Cadwell, and Boise, ID.

Emergency Services

Septic systems can experience problems at any time, necessitating emergency repairs. A prompt response from a dedicated company can help prevent further damage caused by these issues. Before settling on a company, inquire about their emergency service availability and response times. It would be best to opt for a service provider who is always accessible and can respond reasonably during emergencies.

Compare Quotes and Service Contracts

When choosing a septic company in Idaho, comparing service contracts and quotes from different companies is essential. Request quotes from at least three companies and evaluate their services. The cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best; therefore, consider each company’s services. Select a company that includes repairs, regular upkeep, and emergency services in their service contract.


Your septic service provider must have insurance coverage to protect you in case of losses or damages that may result during the service. If the septic technician causes unintended harm, you won’t be charged for repairs. The company must be insured in your state, and you should check for any complaints against the company via the Better Business Bureau.

Service Guarantees

A professional company provides service guarantees. They prioritize customer satisfaction and pay keen attention to their work quality. A product guarantee ensures that if issues occur during septic tank installation, they’re covered without charging you.

Service Delivery Methods

Septic issues may require your service provider to pump out the sludge and scum from your tanks. It’s best to choose a specialist that practices responsible waste disposal. Request the firm’s accreditations that show their stand on environmental values and ask what measures they take to protect the environment.

Handling septic systems requires the experience and knowledge of professional service providers. If you reside in Nampa, Caldwell, or the surrounding areas, you can rely on Express Septic & Drain Cleaning for professional septic services. We offer drain cleaning, earth buster, and enzyme treatment. For more information, contact Express Septic & Drain Cleaning.

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