Your drain does a thorough job of removing wastewater to minimize the possibility of respiratory toxins and odors. Drains can’t handle everything you throw inside them, however, especially items that can’t be broken down. If you keep letting stuff that risks the health and life of your drain flow through it, you run the risk of ruining your drains. This may lead to slow drainage, low water pressure, and even flooding.

Drain problems can emanate from different parts of your plumbing system, and you should learn what’s causing these problems in the first place. If your drain frequently acts up, find out if you’re practicing any of the following detrimental habits.

Letting Human and Pet Hair Flow Down the Drain

Long human and pet hair is susceptible to falling off and accumulating around your indoor spaces. When you power on the air conditioner, pet hair stuck in the sitting room may be blown to other areas like the bathroom. As for your long hair, it could fall off while brushing or cleaning it in the bathroom. The single hair strands that may look harmless could create a big mess if they collect inside your drain.

As you frequently brush and wash your long hair in the bathroom, more hair may fall off and get trapped in your sink. And as you rinse away the surface dirt in your sink, your hair will flow into the drains and get stuck inside, causing a blockage. The hair may cling to other clogs inside the piping, including soap scum and undissolved food and fat materials.

Installing a mesh drain screen on your sink drain or shower can prevent such a problem. It will sieve the hair and other items to prevent possible drain clogs and other related problems.

Flushing Foreign Objects Down the Toilet

A habit that seems good but destroys your drain and toilet is flushing everything down the toilet or sink. It’s not advisable to flush the dirty water and mess left after mopping and cleaning your home. The dirty water often contains food, oils, and grease that could cause toilet backup and drain clogs. Likewise, don’t flush things such as diapers, baby wipes, and earbuds down your toilet.

These items are small enough to flow smoothly in the drain, but they can easily get trapped in the pipes since they don’t dissolve. Once trapped inside your pipes, they can then cause a blockage. The only items you can safely flush down your toilet are toilet paper and organic waste that dissolves. Teach your kids never to flush small toys and trash in the toilet.

Landscaping Closer to Drain Lines

Trees are an integral part of the ecosystem, and their helpfulness in our daily lives can’t be ignored. While it’s noble to plant trees as much as you can, it’s never a good idea to plant trees near drain and sewer lines. As they get stronger and grow larger, tree roots can find their way into sewer and drain lines, penetrating the cracks in your drain piping. And as you already know, when tree roots penetrate piping, the result is blockage or leaks.

The process of restoring a damaged drain system is lengthy and complicated. Even if your plumber uses more advanced technologies, identifying the problem could take hours. In addition, installing a replacement drain system is not easy. Make sure to plant trees several meters from your drain system. If the drains pass through areas with older trees, you shouldn’t have to worry.

Ignoring Routine Drain Checkups

Even if you’re extra watchful and you never dump anything inside your drain system, if you don’t schedule regular drain checkups, your system is likely to become clogged eventually. The drain system needs regular maintenance to stay functional so that it can efficiently excrete all harmful contents from your pipes. Routine maintenance tasks involve checking the drain system for existing and potential clogs, detecting and sealing leaks, and performing other necessary tasks needed to keep the drain fully functional and efficient.

Our plumbers at Express Septic & Drain Cleaning have years of experience and can thoroughly troubleshoot all types of problems in the drain system. Our drain maintenance tasks involve carefully checking for issues in your drain system and fixing them immediately. Since our scheduled maintenance tasks are solution-based, we can help you save costs repairing larger and more complicated drain problems.

We provide thorough drain cleaning services and only use cleaners that contain minimal or no chemicals. In addition, with our maintenance services, you can bid goodbye to costly and recurring backflow problems. Call us when you have minor drain problems that need troubleshooting.

DIY or Hiring Unqualified Plumbers

Tying to troubleshoot and fix drain issues by yourself can be tempting. Obviously, doing it yourself gives you the skills and knowledge to handle bigger projects over time. However, the more times you attempt to fix your drain, the higher the possibility of leaving the drain worse off than it was. We highly recommend that you don’t attempt a DIY repair job, because you may not only cause more damage, but you’re also liable to use the wrong tools.

Likewise, settling for the cheapest plumber in town is a mistake you shouldn’t make, either. If you do, you might have an inefficient or damaged plumbing system. Most plumbing issues should only be handled by a qualified plumber. Plumbers with enough experience and expertise will troubleshoot your system more efficiently. Besides, they likely have the tools needed to troubleshoot and repair every type of plumbing problem.

Why Call Us When You Have a Drain Problem?

At Express Septic & Drain Cleaning, we are a team of qualified plumbers with over 15 years of combined industry experience handling small and large plumbing projects for customers in Nampa and the surrounding areas. Our highly experienced plumbers offer drain field installations and replacement services. Our plumbers will arrive with the right tools and will be ready to answer any questions you have about the repair process.

Our septic installation and replacement services cater to all your wastewater removal needs. We have licensed plumbers who know how to install and replace damaged septic tanks. We use hydro-jetting technology to clean tough piping clogs caused by buildups and tree roots. Our septic tank location and inspection services are also top-notch. In addition, we offer septic tank preventative maintenance services at friendly rates. With our preventive maintenance services, you will never have to worry about extreme levels of septic tank damage that could cause serious backups. We also offer top-tier septic pumping services, professional tests and inspections, and enzyme treatment services.

Our team will work hard to make sure you’re satisfied with the quality of our services. Contact Express Septic & Drain Cleaning today or schedule an appointment with our plumbers online. Our team is ready to deliver the professional and efficient solutions you deserve.

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